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Some advice for students as they contemplate the future
As we approach the end of the school year, education news coverage has turned reflective, with many articles expounding on what worked and what didn’t before predictably throwing in a dash of what could be. One of the more unique voices I read within this familiar set-up, was a high school student from Seattle, Ronnie […]
High-level academics+CTE = Success in college and work
This entry also appeared on CPE Director Patte Barth’s Huffington Post page Colonial School District straddles the boundary where suburban Wilmington gives way to Delaware’s rural eastern shore. Its one high school, William Penn, serves a racially diverse population, about 40 percent of whom come from low-income families. Penn is a model for getting kids […]
Behind every data point is a child
At CPE, we are data driven. We encourage educators, school leaders and advocates to be data-driven as well. (Indeed, we have a whole website, Data First, which is dedicated to just that. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth your time to check out.) So while we think an over-abundance of data is a good problem […]
Third and final report of series released
When we first embarked on the Path Least Taken series, which we conclude with the just released third installment, we did so because we noticed a lot of attention and resources had been poured into making sure students graduated ready to enter college, but not necessarily the workforce. And since not every high school grad […]
Affluent families spend most on college remediation courses
A new report out from DC-based think-tank, Education Reform Now, dug through 2011 federal data of college freshmen and found evidence that seems almost counterintuitive: nearly half of the first-year college students who took remedial coursework hailed from middle to upper-income families. While this may come as a surprise to some, it did not to […]
Investing in high-quality pre-kindergarten education yields benefits for kids, school, and communities.
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Data First
How good are your schools? How can they improve? Data can provide answers.
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