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  • What’s Good In Public Education?
  • Reporting on public education often subscribes to the “if it bleeds, it leads” school of journalism. Yet good things are happening in our schools every day. Here, CPE shares our Top 10 list of good things happening in public education, though it's far from exhaustive.
  • Rural success stories
  • Transportation, small class sizes, and a small tax base are some of the challenges rural schools face. See how they overcome them.
  • Small town success stories
  • Lack of volunteers, funding, and limited professional development are some of the challenges in these small school districts. See how they took them on.
  • Suburban success stories
  • Find out how these schools found ways to boost student learning, keep the arts in schools, and reconcile the school day schedule.
  • Urban success stories
  • Overcrowding, teacher turnover, lack of funding, and low graduation rates are just some of the challenges these urban schools face. See how they provide excellent education opportunities.
  • Community involvement
  • No matter where you live, involving your community is crucial to school success. See how these schools told their stories.