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  • TN: Working toward 100 percent
    Summary: School officials in Clarksville Montgomery County believe that, with the community’s help, 100 percent of their students will graduate from high school.
  • TN: Hamilton County urban schools nurture good teachers
    Summary: This urban school district needed a new approach to teacher retention when a number of its elementary schools were ranked among the twenty lowest performing schools in the state. The solution, called the Benwood Initiative, uses a multifaceted approach that has helped district teachers find a professional home. Now schools are showing progress in many areas including staff stability and acadamic achievement.
  • TN: Technology motivates students to learn in new ways
    Summary: This partly urban, partly rural Tennessee school district uses technology in a strategic and focused manner to enhance student learning. Professional development is the key that helps teachers use technology effectively in the classroom and in lesson planning. Online assessments provide students with immediate feedback to help help them master skills quickly and effectively. Whether its virtual classes to meet a student's particular needs, online courses for credit recovery, technology to help English Language Learners catch up to their peers, or data-driven learning plans, it's clear that this district's 7,300 students reap the benefit of innovative learning technology.

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