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  • AK: To foster community support, add ICE
    Summary: With help from the Alaska Association of School Boards, this community came together to help their kids succeed acacemically. Using a specific program they call "ICE" coupled with a program using forty building blocks for young people to help them become healthy, caring, and successful adults.
  • AK: Reinventing education Alaska-style
    Summary: What can be done for a district suffering from low test scores, high drop-out rates, annual staff turnover exceeding fifty percent, and business' complaints about students lack of skills? Go straight to the school board and community for help. Although pioneering a grass-roots educational reform took time, patience, and hard work, this district now sees success—the dropout rates have decreased, students consistently test above state level averages in reading, writing, and math, and more graduates see college as an option. Read this story to learn how the Chugach Quality Schools Model helped turn this district around and how it is helping other districts do the same thing.
  • AK: Community Connects with Kodiak High School
    Summary: This remote district builds and maintains local community partnerships and uses a proven school improvement plan (overseen by the Association of Alaska School Boards) to help drive student success. One element of the plan focuses on developmental assets that help students become not only successful academically, but responsible adults as well. Improved student performance has earned one school in the district a Blue Ribbon School designation from the U.S. Department of Education. This is "proof," school leaders say, "that Kodiak's comunity engagements efforts have taken hold."

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