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  • The Path Least Taken: At a Glance
  • Not every high school graduate goes on to college, we know that. But what exactly do we know about the non-college goer? This report, and others in this series, will delve into the background, high school preparation and outcomes of this remarkably small group.
  • The Path Least Taken II: At a Glance
  • The Path Least Taken II: In the second installment of our ongoing study of high school graduates who did not advance to college, we examine data to determine what led some non-college goers to find success after graduation.
  • Teaching the Teachers: At a Glance
  • Meeting the demands of the Common Core means teaching teachers new approaches to instruction; in other words, reform demands effective professional development.
  • Getting Back to the Top: At a Glance
  • Although the U.S. ranks near the top of the world in terms of the proportion of adults who possess college degrees, it’s quickly losing ground as young adults in other countries are earning credentials at a higher rate.
  • The principal perspective: at a glance
  • The principal has been portrayed as everything from an ineffective, out-of-touch authoritarian to a hard-charging leader capable of single-handedly turning around a low-performing school. What impact do principals actually have on a school?
  • Overview of Teacher Shortages: At a Glance
  • Many school districts across the country are struggling to attract and keep good teachers. How a district addresses a shortage depends on understanding why it exists, in what areas it exists and which student groups are impacted the most.
  • Changing Demographics: at a glance
  • The United States is undergoing a rapid and substantial demographic change as we grow older and more diverse, presenting important implications for school leaders.