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More resources for effective school boards

School Boards and the Power of the Public  (PDF). This essay previously appeared in John I. Goodlad, Roger Soder, and Bonnie McDaniel, eds., Education and the Making of a Democratic People. Written by NSBA's Mike Resnick and Anne Bryant, the essay explores how school boards serve as the cornerstone for civic engagement and the success of public education. Education and the Making of a Democratic People can be purchased through Paradigm Publishers at www.paradigmpublishers.com.

School boards and the power of the public: An executive summary.

Iowa Lighthouse Project.  A multi-year, multi-state research initiative of the Iowa Association of School Boards that identifies the characteristics of effective school boards.

The Key Work of School Boards. A framework developed by the National School Boards Association identifies eight essential key action areas that focus and guide schools boards in their efforts to improve student achievement.

Five Characteristics of an Effective School Board. Today, the relevance of school boards is dependent on doing what matters.  This article outlines five characteristics identified by a panel of educators and corroborated by experience.

Public Education: An American Imperative; Why public schools are vital to the well-being of our nation. A discussion on the role of public education.

School Boards at the Dawn of the 21st Century (PDF). Results from a 2002 national survey of U.S. school board members by Frederick Hess, School of Education and Department of Government, University of Virginia.

Local school boards: Reflections of American democracy.  An essay by NSBA lobbyist and former school board member, Reginald Felton.

State School Boards Associations . To get specifics on school boards in your state, contact your state school boards association.

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Home > Public education > Cast your vote for student success > More resources for effective school boards


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