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Policy Documents

Below are issue briefs, policy statements, and other materials produced by the coalition.

Letter to Congress (Jan. 2012)
Letter to Members of Congress regarding Pre-K Coalition’s “Ensuring America’s Future” report.

Press release (Dec. 2011)
Leading education organizations emphasize alignment of P-3 education

Issue brief (Dec. 2011)

“The importance of aligning Pre-K through 3rd grade” highlights effective P-3 strategies and best practices in states and districts throughout the country, and makes recommendations for how the federal government can help to support these efforts.

Senate ESEA draft bill (Nov. 2011)
An analysis of the early education provisions in the Harkin/Enzi manager’s bill released 10/17/11 to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Policy statements and recommendations from Pre-K Coalition members (Oct. 2011)
Ensuring America’s Future: Capstone report outlining the Coalition’s federal policy recommendations for early education.

Pre-Kindergarten: An essential investment (handout)
A one-page document that highlights the importance of pre-k as an investment in America’s future.

Press release (Oct. 2011)
Coalition announces release of new report and recommendations for federal action on early education

Press Release (Oct. 2011)
Formally introduces and describes the coalition, its collective commitment to building a strong, aligned P-12 system of education, and its goals.

Issue brief (May 2011)
“Framing the future: Addressing Pre-K in ESEA” describes the current context of early learning, how it connects with and bolsters education reform, and why it is important for federal legislation to address pre-kindergarten.

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