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J. From vision to reality

Increasingly, school board members recognize the important benefits that high-quality pre-k has for children, families, and schools in your communities. However, developing a high-quality pre-k initiative takes time and thoughtful consideration. From establishing public support, to determining the specific aspects of the program, to securing funding, there are many decisions and policy choices to be made along the way. The steps and strategies outlined in this tool kit, and summarized in the checklist included in this section’s Tool Box, are intended to help you, the school board member, to navigate your way through this process.

Ultimately, we hope this information will lead you to make more informed choices about pre-k in your districts and to eventually play a larger role in early education policy discussions. School boards have a critical role to play in local efforts to increase the supply and quality of preschool programs in your communities. In addition, they are especially well positioned to provide leadership on statewide and federal efforts to expand access to quality preschool programs.

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Home > Pre-kindergarten > Pre-K Toolkit > J. From vision to reality

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