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I. Be an Advocate

When working to establish a pre-k program in your district or even after you have been successful in your efforts, you can be powerful advocates in helping to generate broader support for early education efforts in your communities, states, and at the federal level. As education leaders in your communities, you have firsthand knowledge of what is needed to ensure that children are able to succeed in school. You also possess the clout needed to raise important issues with your state and federal legislators. Your efforts can help to ensure that your own initiative is successful, but more important, future generations of children will be able to benefit from high-quality pre-k programs.

NSBA offers a key opportunity for you to make your voice heard at the federal level on pre-k through its pre-k Legislative Committee. School board members receive information and tools to support them in lobbying Congress to expand access and improve the quality of voluntary pre-k programs.

We gratefully acknowledge The Pew Charitable Trusts for its support of our work related to pre-kindergarten. The views expressed are those of the Center for Public Education and not necessarily those of The Pew Charitable Trusts.

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Home > Pre-kindergarten > Pre-K Toolkit > I. Be an Advocate

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