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  • Searching for the reality of virtual schools--at a glance
  • Virtual schooling is exploding, and given that you're reading this on some type of screen, digital content in education is inevitable. Here's how to get a handle on what is being offered in your district and what effect it might have on student outcomes.
  • School organization: At a glance
  • What school configurations work to help nurture strong student-school relationships that keep students on track to graduate? Find out here.
  • Making time: At a glance
  • Increasing instructional time has lots of common-sense appeal for raising student achievement, but it can be costly. Does more time make a difference?
  • Charter schools: Finding out the facts: At a glance
  • Are charter schools really all they're cracked up to be? There just may not be enough reliable research to answer that question. But read our report to see what we do know, so you can make good decisions in your district.