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Affluent families spend most on college remediation courses
A new report out from DC-based think-tank, Education Reform Now, dug through 2011 federal data of college freshmen and found evidence that seems almost counterintuitive: nearly half of the first-year college students who took remedial coursework hailed from middle to upper-income families. While this may come as a surprise to some, it did not to […]
Legislatures address teacher shortages
The Center for Public Education recently released its newest report Fixing the Holes in the Teacher Pipeline: An Overview of Teacher Shortages, which comes at a critical time when many state legislatures, local districts, and other national organizations are focusing on this issue. The report lays out best practices for preparing, recruiting, and retaining quality […]
Let’s think about time
Editor’s Note: Breanna Higgins is a former teacher and spring intern at CPE Let’s start to think about time and realistic timelines for how long reform and school improvement really takes. This era of accountability expects superintendents to turnaround failing schools, or even whole districts, within a couple years. Each new innovative reform or program is expected […]
12th graders’ math scores drop, reading flatlines
And just when we had allowed ourselves to get giddy over record-shattering high school graduation rates. NAEP, also known as the Nation’s Report card, released the results of its 2015 assessment of high school seniors’ math and reading proficiency. Like their 4th and 8th grade schoolmates, whose 2015 scores were published last fall, the nation’s 12th-graders […]
What’s different about ESSA?
What’s Different about ESSA? The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) created the starting point for equity-based education reforms. It established categorical aid programs for specific subgroups that were at-risk of low academic achievement. “Title I” comes from this act- it created programs to improve education for low-income students. No Child Left Behind […]
Investing in high-quality pre-kindergarten education yields benefits for kids, school, and communities.
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Data First
How good are your schools? How can they improve? Data can provide answers.
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